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Social Currency: How Influencers Are Shaping the Future of Finances in North America

Social currency - Future of finances - Consumer behavior - Xemoto Media - Influencer marketing
Future of Finances - Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken North America by storm. With ad spending in influencer advertising showing an annual growth rate of 10.73%, you'll hardly find a company that doesn't have an influencer. Nowadays, influencers in North America have taken an interest in the financial industry and have gone as far as to reform its future. It's clear that financial influencers have taken hold of this industry and will continue to do so in the next decade or so. 

In this article, we will explore the world of influential marketing and how it has shaped the future of finance in North America. 

Influencing Consumer Behavior

Through their online presence, influencers build strong relationships with their followers. So, it's no surprise they can effectively shape their choices and preferences. In this case, financial influencers have a hand in coaxing their followers to explore new financial products. 

Influencers will collaborate with financial brands and promote their service or products. They could introduce new apps, credit cards, or financial tools. Consumers then, compelled by their positive reviews, look into the brand themselves and may even make a purchase. 

Spreading Financial Knowledge

Financial influencers know how to educate consumers in a way that keeps them engaged. They break down complicated financial concepts, like blockchain or cryptocurrency, into simple terms. They present information in an easily understandable and user-friendly way, which keeps their audience growing. 

Increasing their knowledge makes consumers more aware of the financial landscape and how to navigate it. So, influencers will advise them on investment strategies, money management, emergency funds, etc.

Authenticity and Relatability

By keeping their content authentic, influencers establish a genuine connection with their audience. Followers are more likely to trust recommendations when the influencers share some of their experiences in the financial field. Besides focusing on the glamorous aspects of finance, influencers will also share their challenges and mistakes. 

This level of openness on the influencer's part creates a reliable narrative that 61% of U.S. consumers gravitate towards.

Creating Engaging Content

If there's one thing influencers excel at, it's creating engaging content for their followers. They tailor content to their audiences, needs, preferences, and level of financial knowledge. Influencers will also interact with their audience in polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions that address their common concerns. Content like this is likely to be shared and further attract new followers.

Lately, social media has also become a way for people to operate the financial landscape. Financial influencers use various social media platforms to keep their content fresh. In fact, around 80% of adult Americans get their financial advice from social media.

Challenging Traditional Banking

Influencer marketing has become a driving force in North America since financial influencers have disrupted traditional banking methods. Now, almost every company has an influencer strategy that they benefit from. This kind of marketing advocates for better customer service, transparent discussions, and financial inclusion.  

Influencer marketing challenges traditional banking to be more innovative and to stay relevant in the changing landscape. It encourages them to prioritize customer service, improve communication, and adopt new technologies. 

Influencer marketing has completely revolutionized the world of finance, from challenging traditional banking norms to swaying consumer opinion. And with financial influencers continuing to shape the world of finance, its future holds great promise. 

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